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03 June 2014 @ 04:33 pm
Meme Day 15  
Day 1: Favorite Season
Day 2: Favorite Episode
Day 3: Favorite Song Used In An Episode
Day 4: Favorite Female Character
Day 5: Least Favorite Female Character
Day 6: Favorite Male Character
Day 7: Least Favorite Male Character
Day 8: Favorite Friendship
Day 9: Favorite Romance
Day 10: Least Favorite Season
Day 11: Least Favorite Romance
Day 12: Least Favorite Episode
Day 13: Favorite Potential Slayer
Day 14: Favorite Female Villain
Day 15: Favorite Male Villain
Day 16: Episode You Like That Everyone Else Hates
Day 17: Character You Relate To The Most
Day 18: Character Who Didn’t Get Enough Screen Time
Day 19: Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates
Day 20: Best Spike-centric Episode
Day 21: Best Willow-centric Episode
Day 22: Best Xander-centric Episode
Day 23: Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did
Day 24: Hottest scene
Day 25: Favorite Buffyverse Saying
Day 26: Favorite Scooby Moment
Day 27: Cutest Moment
Day 28: Character You Love To Hate
Day 29: Episode You Hate That Everyone Else Loves
Day 30: What You Think Made Buffy So Great

Day 15

Favorite Male Villain

Come on, it HAS to be Angelus. Nothing beats those leather pants. It says a lot about a show that we can recognize a bad guy by the fact that he wears leather pants, lol.

I love Angelus mostly because he has no redeeming qualities. He's evil and he revels in it. There's no glimmer of humanity, nothing that suggests he can be a good guy if he sets his mind to it. He likes the fact that he's a vampire and he loves to hurt and torture people. He always goes for the hurt rather than the kill, he rejoices in making and causing as much pain and suffering as possible. And I like that. I like that he's just the bad guy.

He's so drastically different to Angel that it's jarring sometimes. It's hard to fit them together in my head when I'm watching S2 or AtS S4. They're just...two different people. Two separate and distinguishable personalities. Something that Spike doesn't have and I think Spike struggles for that with certain people.

I did like Spike in S2, I thought he was a good Big Bad and it fit that he wasn't as bad as Dru and Angelus and his alliance works. He was pathetic and I sympathized with him in S3 and in S4 he was funny and quirky, but after that, he just became pathetic and as waste of space in my opinion.

The Mayor I found slightly cringe worthy. He was just...crazy and I just didn't like him.

Warren I just hated, there wasn't even anything there that made me like him, he was just...yeah, I hated.

Caleb was...insane and, yeah, more hatred.
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teragrammteragramm on June 3rd, 2014 07:37 pm (UTC)
Mine was the Mayor but my next choice would have been Angelus.
Butterfly: [BtVS] Willowsnogged on June 3rd, 2014 10:34 pm (UTC)
Angelus was a fantastic villain. I complete agree!
lady_eilthanalady_eilthana on June 4th, 2014 02:21 pm (UTC)
Angelus was great, yeah. In BtVS I didn't really like Angel, so it was great to see Angelus. But in AtS I really liked Angel as the friendly vampire guy. *g*

Warren, Caleb ... eh.
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